Create a Positive Routine – By: Alex Carroll – 12/15/2017


Everyone should create a positive routine, especially if you want to be successful in life. When I say successful I don’t necessarily mean become rich with money, but rich with life. Now this isn’t going to be easy, because there is no way you can fast track through life without working. These steps that I am going to share with you are going to require you to be consistent and constantly working on it. This is mostly to be used as a guide to get you started on your journey of living a rich life, no matter what that looks like for you.

What you do, listen to, and surround yourself with effects how you live your life and how you think. So, you need to think about what your daily habits and routine is currently. Are you doing anything positive? Are you doing anything that benefits your life? If not, then I am here to help guide you to create a positive routine to help you enrich your life.

The first thing I suggest is to start your day off in the right direction. I like to start my day off with an hour long inspirational talk. This gets me excited for my day and helps my mind and body conquer the world. It keeps me on the right path. It keeps my mind positive. Now you don’t have to listen to an hour, but I do suggest making a daily habit of listening to an inspirational/motivational speaker. There are so many out there in the world. One of my favorites is Les Brown. I find his talks on YouTube.

Next, I suggest padding your world with positive things. You will want to surround yourself with things you want to become. Just think, if you were constantly surrounding yourself with positive talks, positive people, positive music, then when the negative comes into your life you won’t fall under its spell. Actually, if you think about it we are surrounded by negativity on the daily. The news we watch, the social media we read, the people we surround ourselves with. This all effects how we think and act subconsciously. There are many habits that we all do that we don’t even realize. So in order to create a successfully rich life, you need to be conscious of everything that we do and think. Trust me this isn’t easy because we all have bad days, we all have negative self-talk, but this is the time that you need to spend with yourself to change that around. A quote that I found that really pertains to this is “One Day or Day One.” I apply this to many things in my life because I use to be very ambitious with no actions behind my words. Now I am conquering my dreams one day at a time.

The last thing I want to suggest is meditating. Now I know I say this a lot, but I really can’t stress it enough. Meditation helps in more ways than you can imagine. Now I know what everyone’s first thought is about meditation (mine was the same), “I can’t settle my thoughts to just sit there and be still.” Well like I said, I was the same way, with the same thought. Until I discovered guided meditation. This actually teaches you to be mindful and helps keep you grounded. I think being grounded is very important because it keeps your goals alive and right in front of you. It helps you stay on track. Mediation is also important because it helps you to find your true self. It helps you discover who you are, it helps you discover what you need. I think between meditation; church and AA I stay pretty grounded and positive.

I hope this can help get you started on your journey to having a rich life. Always remember that failure is going to happen, but as Les Brown says, “If you fall, fall on your back. If you can look up, you can get up.” I think many people get discouraged when they fall because it seems like a losing battle, but never remember you can always get back up.


Confidence starts with appearance –  Photo By: Robert Brandon – 11/16/2017


The Beginners Guide to Being Happy – By: Alex Carroll – 11/13/2017


Do you ever look at people and can tell they are genuinely happy? I personally love people watching, my favorite part of people watching is seeing all the happy people, and let me tell ya, there isn’t too many. I would say about 30% of people I see are happy (especially when they think no one is watching) and the other 70% people look miserable because the person they are with or their situation. It warms my heart and my soul to know that people are happy, but what about the other 70% of people? Well, this is why the ultimate guide is created.

Start with the basics

You seem to learn pretty quickly that instead of jumping into anything too complex, the best place to start is with something simple like sleep. Going to bed at a decent hour is the easiest solution you can have to be happier, along with not letting yourself get too hungry.

Don’t go to bed angry

Try to solve all your problems with yourself or whoever you are fighting with so that you do not carry your negative feelings into the next day or through your night. It will not only allow you to feel relieved but let go of your negative feelings.

Realize that not everything can be perfect

Challenges are an essential part of life and key elements of your happiness. The brain is stimulated by surprise, and successfully dealing with an unexpected situation gives a powerful sense of satisfaction. People who do new things like learning a game, travel to unfamiliar places―are happier than people who stick to familiar activities that they already do well.

Buy some happiness

Our basic psychological needs include feeling loved, secure, and good at what we do, along with a sense of control. Not saying money automatically will fill these requirements, but splurging on yourself is really satisfying. I have learned over time that spending some money on myself every once in a while is very relieving.

Don’t insist on the best

There are two types of decision makers, satisfies and maximizes. Satisfiers make a decision once their criteria are met. Maximizers want to make the best possible decision. Satisficers tend to be happier than maximizers. Maximizers expend more time and energy reaching decisions, and they’re often anxious about their choices. Sometimes good enough is good enough.


Exercising not only keeps you healthy, but it gives you the energy to do more things and has a muchmore productive day. I know on days that I work out I not only feel better about myself but about my day.

Stay Positive

Looking for positivity in every situation and in every person is very healthy and can bring you happiness because you are creating a positive environment for yourself and everyone around you.

Take action

Although it’s true that genetics play a big role, about 40 percent of your happiness level is within your control. Taking time to reflect, and making conscious steps to make your life happier, really does work. So find time for yourself to work on yourself.



3 Ways to Master Your Confidence – By: Alex Carroll – 11/9/2017


Confidence has always been a struggle of many people. There are different parts of our lives that your confidence may lack, such as personal, social and/or professional aspects of your lives. Here are three great main tips to not only help you build confidence but secure it as well.

  1. Appearance

Appearance is a huge factor when it comes to self-confidence. This is the “first impression” of how people see you. So make sure you are showered and shaved, this always seems to turn my mood around. Make sure you are dressed nicely, not necessarily a cocktail dress or tux every day, but not sweats and t-shirt every day. Dressing nicely means looking presentable. Make sure your posture is tall and straight because this gives you an automatic confident presence and it is healthy for you! Another great tip for your presence is to make sure you are always smiling! Some days it can be hard, but not only will it brighten your day, but someone else’s day as well! The last tip I have for your appearance is to edit your self-image. Change how you think of yourself! How? Well, figure out why you see yourself the way you do and work on fixing it step by step until you are comfortable with yourself!

  1. Think Positive

I know I can’t seem to stress this enough, but being positive can change a lot for anyone. You need to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. Trust me I know this is hard, I still struggle with this! If you can transform your negative thoughts into positive ones you will gain a more positive self-talk, and this alone will boost your confidence levels up. Positive thoughts will also give you a stronger sense of yourself, which in return makes your more secure. So once you master your negative thoughts, you will need to master your negative actions. If you start acting on your positive thoughts, you will just ensure your self-security even more, which will then boost your confidence. After all, you are what you do! Your positive actions will also rub off on other people, so make sure you are talking to people in a positive way, and that you are putting positive energy into your actions. This means being kind and generous to people. From personal experience, many people judge you based on your actions towards them (in fact I think we all judge people based off that). Knowing that you are being kind and generous with yourself, your time, and what you have will improve your self-image tremendously. A key thing to remember about being positive is when you do something positive, you start to feel good about yourself, which then boosts your confidence.

  1. Get to Know Yourself

Get to know yourself well, start listening to your thoughts, then write them down in a journal about yourself and analyze why you do what you do. Once you do this, then start thinking of ways that you can change that thinking around and change the way you do things. Start thinking about what you are doing to limit you and your growth as a human being. Dig really deep within yourself to get to know your true self. Once you know your true self, or at least partially know, you will be preparing yourself for the world. Well prepared people seem to be the most confident! Part of digging deep within your self is establishing principles and living by them. The reason for this is because life will pull you in every which direction, so if you have principles established, then you can stay true to your true self. You may stray from it every so often, but at least you will have something set up to keep you on track. To stay on track you need to always focus on solutions to any problem that life throws your way. If you are a complainer (or focus on problems) then change the focus to solutions. Set goals and achieve them. Accomplishing things will help you feel good about yourself which will ensure your self-confidence.

To ensure your self-confidence you will need to empower yourself every day. Empower yourself with knowledge! The more you know the more confident you feel, because it makes you feel prepared.






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